Dojo Rules

  • On entering and exiting the dojo face the middle of the dojo and bow. This is to indicate your respect for the training area (dojo).
  • Lateness: If you arrive late enter the Dojo, kneel in seiza position and wait for the Instructor to give you permission to enter.
  • Once in the class you must ask permission to leave the Dojo for whatever reason.
  • In the interest of safety finger/toe nails must be short.
  • No alcohol, chewing gum or food to be consumed in the Dojo.
  • No jewellery, watches or earrings to be worn in the interest of safety.
  • Out of respect Instructors should be referred to as ‚’Sensei’ and assistant Instructors as ‘Sempai’.
  • No foul or inappropriate language in the Dojo.
  • Students behaviour and appearance is a reflection on the club/school.
  • Correct gi and obi to be worn in the Dojo.
  • No sparring unless supervised by a senior instructor.
  • 100% effort and dedication must be given at all times.
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