Kickboxing and Sweat with Myriam

BodyFit with Myriam - before and afterMyriam teaches Sweat (Bootcamp) and Kickboxing at Mgpt Studio, 5582a Sherbrooke, in front of Girouard Park on Tuesday at 9:30am Sweat, Wednesday 11:30-12:30pm Kickboxing, and Saturday from 9-10am Sweat (Bootcamp). Check out for latest discounts and offers.

Myriam went from a size 24 to a size 4 using this unique method which was 100% holistic.

Guts to Go with Myriam - before and after For those interested in weight loss, exercise alone will not help you achieve your goals. Myriam will be holding weight loss workshops in order to achieve a 360 degree turnaround about your relationship with food, cause of the excess, changing your mindset so that the changes are permanent and efforts not short lived, as rapid weight loss is ineffective and almost always guarantees a double weight gain back.

See schedule for Sweat and Kickboxing class with Myriam…

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