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DojoStudio.org questionAs you can see, we got most of the features we wanted up and running, even though there is still some work left to do. We would appreciate any constructive input from you in comment sections.

For additional information, you can contact us or find us in our Dojo Studio – please check the schedule for opening hours.

Thank you & have a great day!

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About Dojo Studio

Dojo’s cutting edge approach to fitness and well-being is supported by one of it’s greatest assets; their team of eclectic instructors with a range of experience in the fitness and martial arts spheres. About...


  1. You are doing a great Job Kris. I never thought to use the internet in such an inventive way!

  2. I love it so far Chris. I am free to work on it via telephone with remote access or in person at mine any morning that suits! M

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