Anakkara Summer Camp 2015 at the Dojo

Anakkara Summer Camp— where children come to relax and enjoy ………without pressure.We are really excited about the 6th year of Anakkara Summer Camp in Montreal. Fun, creativity, community and healing await your child/children at Anakkara.  

Last year’s theme was world geography ………exploring the continents.  This year’s theme is similar but exploring in depth one country or culture from each continent.

Week One:  June 29-July 3  Theme: Greece

Week Two: July 6-July 10th Theme: First Nations of North America

Week Three: July 13th -17th Theme: New Zealand

Week Four: July 20th-July 24th.  Theme: Cote d’Ivoire

Week Five: July 27th-31st.  Theme: India

Contact:  Philippa Woolley  – (514) 963 2256



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